Fetish Mistress in Raleigh, NC
Book a Session in Raleigh, North Carolina

I must warn you, first of all, that it is more difficult to book a session with me than some Mistresses. Quite simply, I am selective.

This is an issue of supply vs. demand.

I am a young, attractive woman. I have a fully furnished dungeon and plenty of toys. I’m well-educated and own several flourishing small businesses, so I’m not desperate for money. I’m a genuine Dominant, as opposed to being a whore who is just play acting for money.

So, when you come to play with me, realize that I have plenty of clients. Realize that I am the one with the power. Realize that I am going to say “no” if I don’t enjoy what you have to say.

I am not here to cater to your needs and fantasies: You are here to cater to MINE.

Don’t like it? Go see one of those hooker-with-a-whip types, they’ll do whatever you want.

If you’d like to do whatever *I* want? Are you ready to give up your power, learn to trust me completely, and genuinely submit? Then prepare for the wildest play session of your life.

Here’s how you go about approaching me. Please note, this is the proceedure *ONLY* to book a session locally, in Raleigh North Carolina.

There is a screening process necessary for all new clients before a session can be booked. For this reason, it is necessary that you make contact with me well in advance of your session.
  1. You will need to fill out this fetish checklist.
    This enables me to learn about you in great detail.
  2. You will need to own a membership to the members only section of my web site..
    To make things easier on me, you can ONLY submit your checklist if you are a member of this site already.
  3. You will be asked to provide good references from two other well-known Mistresses.
    This is not required, but it helps me to believe that you are, again, a serious and well-behaved submissive — not a time-waster.
  4. You will need to have a brief phone interview with me.
    If you are new to BDSM, I will need to interview you briefly on the phone to make sure you sound reasonable, serious, and obedient. I like my submissives relaxed and pliable, not rigid with fear and nervousness!


Does all of this sound a little intimidating? Good. I like to keep you on your toes! I am a popular, well-known Dominant with extensive training and a great reputation — if you have any concerns, you are welcome to ask any of my friends for references on me — dozens of other Dominas, photographers, models, and submissives will be happy to attest to my skill level. I hope you can offer the same type of references!

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